Management Plus: Building Excellence through an Interactive Approach

Management Plus is building excellence by adapting competitive world-class management techniques to organizations in all sectors worldwide identify, plan and implement improvement opportunities. How do we do this? By using an interactive approach.

Why an Interactive Approach?

It’s critical to our success and the success of our clients that, before any work begins, we thoroughly understand a client’s needs and expectations. After we’re clear on what a client views their organization’s needs to be, we use our knowledge and experience to determine whether there are any further needs that client has not yet identified.

Interacting with Our Clients for Knowledge Transfer to Their Staff

  1. Understanding: Before creating a contract, we work to understand what you need (not only what you ask for)
  2. Transfer of Knowledge: Our staff shows your staff how to create the changes you seek so that you can implement them successfully when we are no longer working with you.
  3. Impact: After you’ve worked with our team, you’ll see results in how you do things differently on a day-to-day basis, in your improved processes and procedures, etc.

By following this model, we ensure that our work adds value to you organization by producing the changes you expect.

Coaching and Mentoring

At Management Plus, we recognize that because operational management is complex, simply talking about the necessary changes is not sufficient to build operational excellence. Therefore, you can expect that coaching and mentoring will play an integral role in our consultation work with you. We show you how to implement the appropriate improvements so that you fully understand them and can continue to implement them after our work with you is completed.

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